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As Australia’s brighter way to power your home, The Yellow Power Company is revolutionising the way energy is distributed throughout the community and is providing a cleaner, smarter and cheaper alternative than electricity generated from burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.


We are committed to helping Australian’s take control of their energy bills and to reducing their individual carbon footprint.

At The Yellow Power Company, we combine the power of solar, storage and software to generate, store and optimise a solution that will best power your world around the clock.

When we first set about to change the way Australian’s power their world, we knew that we had to make it smarter. We also knew that we had to make it simple and more affordable.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

When you join The Yellow Power Company, we take care of all your energy and power needs. So from supplying the highest quality solar components to tailoring an integrated system that adopts to your way of life, you can be sure that we’ll be working around the clock to optimise how to most cost-efficiently power your home.

It’s power for a new generation.

Power For A New Generation

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The Yellow Power Company 2018 Mission

At the Yellow Power Company, we are committed to the cause. Our goal is to install:

10Mwatt of solar panels on Australian roofs by 24 December 2018

That’s around 40,000 solar panels and enough to cover an area the size of 10 football fields and to power 1,650 homes!

By doing so, we would have:

Reduced C02 emissions by 270,000 tonnes

Avoided the burning of 24,000 tonnes of coal

Which saves 1,360,000,000 litres of water being used in power plants

Saved the equivalent of 1,300,000,000km’s being driven in a car

Planted the equivalent of 6,000 acres of trees (which is enough to cover 4,500 football fields)

Saved around $3,400,000 a year in energy costs for Australian families!

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