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At the Yellow Power Company, we are passionate about helping you find a smarter, cleaner and cheaper way to power your world. By installing our smart power solution into your home, you’ll help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels (such as coal, oil and gas) which will significantly reduce the emission of harmful gasses into our atmosphere.

When electricity is sourced from burning fossil fuels, they emit harmful gases that are the primary causes of global warming and air pollution. In fact, it is considered that more than 3 million people worldwide die prematurely from outdoor air pollution each year!

Here’s a quick look into the specific pollutants and their respective effects on health:

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)

Affects the lining deep within lungs and is linked to asthma and lung cancer.

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

Affects the upper region of lungs and is linked to respiratory symptoms, disease, and cancer.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Combines with NOx to create ozone which affects the lungs causing many respiratory illnesses and increased cancer risk.

Not only are fossil fuels bad for the environment, they’re a limited resource … and this is what has been causing energy prices to skyrocket over the years. And this will only get worse.

Be Part Of The Solution

Solar power is the solution to all of our many air pollution problems and increasing the use of bright yellow sunshine to power our world is an essential strategy for us to combat climate change.

The environmental benefits of solar energy are truly remarkable and we are just now starting to utilise and realise the benefits that a smart solar power solution offers.

It is refreshing to know that one form of energy has the potential to improve our environment, protect the health of people everywhere, provide us with more than enough energy and also save us a considerable amount of money.

Environment Advantages Of Solar

Emission Free

Solar creates no emissions during use and thus completely avoiding additional CO2, NOx, SO2, CH4, and VOCs associated with fossil fuels.

Abundant Energy

The amount of solar energy that hits Earth each year is more than 1,000x the amount the world uses. If we could capture just one hours worth, it would be enough to power the world for one year.

Minimal Land Use

It would take less than 1 percent of the total available land in the world for solar to provide all of the power we need.

Easily Scalable

Solar PV can be utilized at all scales: from pocket calculators to very large utility scale installations.

No Water Use

There is no water use required for solar panels to produce electricity, unlike all other forms of energy production.

Power Vehicles

As more electric vehicles are produced, overall emissions from vehicles will be greatly reduced and solar power can become their primary source of fuel.

5kw System Benefits

The average solar panel system of 5Kw can:

  • prevent the emission of more than 135,000 kilograms of CO2,
  • prevent the burning of 12,000 kilograms of coal,
  • prevents the use of 680,000 litres of water,
  • is the equivalent of almost 650,000 kilometers driven, and
  • is the equivalent of almost 3 acres of trees planted.

The Yellow Power Company 2018 Mission

At the Yellow Power Company, we are committed to the cause. Our goal is to install:

10Mwatt of solar panels on Australian roofs by 24 December 2018

That’s around 40,000 solar panels and enough to cover an area the size of 10 football fields and to power 1,650 homes!

By doing so, we would have:

Reduced C02 emissions by 270,000 tonnes

Avoided the burning of 24,000 tonnes of coal

Which saves 1,360,000,000 litres of water being used in power plants

Saved the equivalent of 1,300,000,000km’s being driven in a car

Planted the equivalent of 6,000 acres of trees (which is enough to cover 4,500 football fields)

Saved around $3,400,000 a year in energy costs for Australian families!

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