The problem with traditional solar systems: they only work during the day when the sun is out.
That is, until now.

Thanks to the Yellow Power Company’s smart power solution, your tenant can now store all unused solar energy throughout the day into our fully-integrated energy storage device. That way, when your tenant are home at night, they can relax knowing that they’re using a cheaper, cleaner energy source while you’re earning more from you insvestment property.

And in the event of a power outage, having an energy storage device means your devices tenant stay on even when the grid goes down.

Our Power Cube is one of the best energy storage devices in the industry


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells offers the safest and most stable chemistry amongst all Lithium Iron battery types. It is also entirely touch safe, making it child and pet friendly.

German Engineered

European designed with superb long term performance in a variety of weather conditions.

Fully Integrated

With no unsightly cables between a myriad of boxes, the Power Cube offers a completely integrated solution and includes your inverter, cable box, energy management system and battery.


Start with just the integrated inverter module, then add up to 3 Power Cubes for a total 17.2kW.H as your need for additional stored energy increases.

20 Year Estimated Life Time

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells offer the best life span features in the market. The Robus Aluminium cells ensure over 20 years calendar life.


You have a choice of whether your Power Cubes are installed inside or outside your home. 

Ready To Grow With You

Here at Yellow Power, we understand that life changes and we wanted an energy storage solution that could grow with your needs. Our Power Cubes can be fully customised to your budget and lifestyle. The modular system allows you to add on as many Power Cubes as your investment property requires.You can add more Power Cubes well after initial installation, as your need for additional stored energy increases, or as your solar budget increases, all while increasing the returns form you investment property.

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